Near or far, our expert advice can be used to ensure you are getting the best from your travel program, aircraft purchase or fleet management. With decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of every aspect of an aircraft’s operation and maintenance, Take Flight Group is the intelligent choice to provide you with the insight you need. Our team offers unbiased, impartial assessments that help you make decisions with confidence. 

We have worked to support local or international clients. We work with corporate flight departments, individual owners or ownership groups who need sound and unbiased advice. Our work includes everything from sale consulting to full program and department audits along with assistance in development of training and safety programs.

An aircraft maintenance professional for over 25 years, I’ve managed fleets large and small including Air Canada’s large fleet of craft. Because of our collective experience, we are in a unique position to aid clients with any aspect of their aircraft.

Wade Brummet,

VP Maintenance


We are private aviation experts with deep knowledge of every aspect of operations, regulation and maintenance. This is due to our completely vertical business model and the strength of our group of companies that include industry leaders in every discipline from acquisitions to flight coordination and maintenance.

We provide clients with consulting and assessment, in the form of professional audits to help your existing corporate flight department. We are able to review safety systems, maintenance practices, fleet structure, management structure and even help setup or negotiate with required services like insurance or fuel purchase.

Our audits give you an unbiased view of your program in terms of industry standards and best practises. We help you and your teams support your business objectives to a greater extent.


See what our team brings to the table for ongoing aircraft management.

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