AircraftWorks offers comprehensive maintenance and expert advice for many different makes and models of business aircraft. And we’re constantly training our team and growing our capabilities to ensure that we exceed the needs of our customers, no matter what the demand. Our full-service facility is equipped and certified to handle everything from routine service and inspections to major overhauls and special projects. We’ve handled wing replacements, rebuilt aircraft out of transport containers and have tackled restoration projects.



Routine and regular line service ensures the safe operation of your aircraft. But there’s nothing routine about the way we approach our day-to-day tasks. Experienced engineers perform each and every job, diligently trouble shooting and rectifying defects as they arise.


We are equipped and qualified to perform all non-specialized maintenance and specialized structural repair. We work closely with aircraft manufacturers, suppliers, and Transport Canada to deliver solutions within strict regulatory requirements. In all cases, we maintain open and clear communication with our client on timelines and costs.


We are large enough and skilled enough to take on major overhauls of aircraft we are certified on. Any heavy maintenance starts first with a detailed work scope along with a timeline and cost estimates. It is our focus to deliver an airworthy aircraft to our client on budget and on time.


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From our perfect safety record to our reputation as one of the industry’s best-managed private aviation service providers, AircraftWorks is a company constructed around a unique culture of progression and excellence. Each member of the AircraftWorks maintenance team is a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer, (AME). Our service environment places a strong emphasis on professional development, and we go above and beyond the industry average in ensuring all of our engineers are well trained. We make a concentrated effort to build on the knowledge and qualifications of our experienced team of engineers with regular training and development. This is why we’re so trusted by OEMs and service providers around the world, that we provide service to them as well.

I’ve traveled the world on mobile repair units. From Peru to Pakistan to the Canadian Arctic, I’ve worked in some pretty remote places and always safely completed the project the right way.

Robin Forbes,

AircraftWorks AME


We are certified to maintain a wide variety of business aircraft. Our service list and certifications can expand whenever needed.


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