Committed to Private Aviation.

Our niche is your gain. We have made a conscious choice to focus solely on executive private aviation services. The Take Flight Group includes three companies, of which Air Partners is one, that all specialize in different aspects of private aviation and together as a group, are able to offer clients end-to-end solutions to their private aviation challenges. Air Partners offers aircraft management and unique income generation for those management clients through our charter service. AircraftWorks provides our management clients superior maintenance of their asset. Hangar59 offers a unique ability for sales, acquisitions and appraisal solutions.

Our business model is fully vertical so we can stand true in being executive private aviation experts and make your business fly.


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We are obsessed with Safety. And that means not only talking the talk but walking the walk. Take Flight Group and Air Partners have one of the highest safety ratings in the country and, Canada has some of the highest standards in the world. We are ARGUS Platinum, ISBAO and Contrail Certified on top of adhering to Transport Canada’s regulations.

We are able to maintain this high standard not only because Safety is one of our core values, but also because we have fostered an internal culture of continual improvement and innovation. We adopt best practices, engage with leading technology and support our teams in providing our owner clients with the kind of safety standards that give peace of mind. And then, we review those standards and practices so we can always aim higher.


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100% private and built with you in mind.

Take Flight Group’s state-of-the-art headquarters, hangar and departure lounge was engineered specifically to suit our clients’ needs. Situated just minutes from the main terminal, our design led facility houses mission control with its real time flight tracking systems, training facilities and our gleaming fleet.

Our 100% private departure lounge is used by our owner clients and charter clients only. No workforce transportation, no cargo shipments, no medivac or FBO operations, no visiting airlines. What you’ll find instead are a suite of amenities that go above and beyond. Even though you may only spend minutes in our lounge before departing on your flight, we have a coffee bar with an array of beverage and food selections, a no-fee dual currency ATM, charger stations, on-site customs clearance, complimentary secure vehicle parking and direct tarmac access, if required. And when you need more support than this we offer private meeting rooms and private shuttle in our own Lincoln Navigator.


Our aircraft management services are uniquely structured to respond to your travel needs and business demands. We have a completely vertical business model, allowing us to be proven leaders in private executive aviation. Uniquely, each aircraft asset that Air Partners operates is owned by one of our management clients. We run each of these assets as its own business, staying accountable for every aspect of its operation from safety and maintenance to income generation through private charter bookings. Our model sees our owner clients benefitting from our industry business experience, while creating revenue through our large charter client base, yet still being in control of their asset to fly when required. At Air Partners, our management clients also take advantage of an unrivalled package of exclusive privileges and bespoke travel services.

Founded in Calgary, Alberta by industry veteran, Tim Morgan, our expert aviation management team is the best in the business. Our Air Partners team includes professionals from operations to maintenance and from accounting to customer experience. We have an internal culture of innovation and continual development that allows us to always be one step ahead in addressing your needs.

Responsive, flexible, convenient. Welcome on board.


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Our story starts in Alberta and continues to grow here as well. We know our community, we love our community and we understand the unique needs and challenges of Alberta based clients and aircraft owners.

Being a part of a community is more than sharing a geographical location. For Take Flight Group and Air Partners it means being directly invested in the success of our community. You can see our teams in action supporting local charities and families, giving back and participating in local events that support our clients as well. For every hour flown in 2018 we donated ___ volunteer hours and ___ financial contributions. Our work in community impacted ___ children and families.

Follow our LinkedIn page to keep up to date on events we will be at and community programs we are supporting.

Our customers, and our drive to create legendary experiences for them, are the catalyst for our success and the reason we continually push our team to be the best. Our amazing fleet is just the platform for those experiences.

Vik Saini, President