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Hangar59’s industry-leading negotiating skills, combined with our detailed financial expertise and aircraft performance data, can maximize our clients’ economic and operational returns. Instead of just focusing on the initial transaction expenditure alone, by partnering with Hangar59 and the entire Take Flight Group team, you gain a formula that has been repeatedly proven to provide clients with a win-win in both initial and long-term fiscal efficiency and top-tier product output. At Hangar59, our philosophy is to ensure that we pair the right client with the right craft instead of just working for a fee.

Making it simple

“Why deal with a broker, lawyer, dealer and any other number of individuals through the transaction when you can work with Hangar59 and they take care of it all? My time is more valuable than that.”

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Our experience is your advantage

The devil is always in the details. Expert knowledge and experience make all the difference in transactions of this scale. Our experience in the long-term operation and management of business-class jets is invaluable for clients.


Client Needs Assessment


Research & Model Review


Intent, Deposit & Purchase Agreement


Pre-purchase Inspection


Closing & Import



“Buying an aircraft is a large and long term investment. For that, I put my trust in Hangar59 who actually operate and have the in-depth knowledge of the craft. I don't want someone who just turns a deal and then leaves without responsibility for their actions.”

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Expert Management

See what our team brings to the table for ongoing aircraft management.

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Let our team of experts guide you through the entire sales process for a wining result.

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