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“Building trust with our customers is incredibly important to us. Both the trust that we will keep you safe but also that we will do our best to keep your costs down.  Recently we had a sub vendor declare the main ship batteries un-repairable because the cell seals were damaged.  They reported the batteries must be replaced at a cost of $12,000.00 USD as the seals were not available as piece parts.  Unwilling to accept this without at least attempting to find a better resolution we worked with the battery manufacturer to create the certification process to allow the seals to be sold independently , something they had never done before.  In the end we invested a day of our time but our customer had his batteries returned to service for only $80.00 in parts.”

Wade Brummet, VP of Maintenance

“Aircraft can be very expensive assets to maintain.  One of the ways we manage customer costs is to ensure we expend the labour necessary to do the job right.  That may mean a little extra work on our part but more often than not, it pays big dividends.  A good example is a recent maintenance forecast that indicated several landing gear components would soon require mandatory replacement.  This isn’t unusual in older aircraft.  The forecast is generated by a tracking system that reflects previous work done and projects when that item is next due for hundreds of different tasks.  Over the life of the a/c, these records are maintained by each operator of the a/c.   As we investigated, we found some details were missing, so we decided it prudent to keep digging.  The result of this search confirmed that a previous operator had missed an entry 5 years prior and in fact the components were not yet due to be replaced.  Our commitment to customer service meant putting in a few extra hours of research, but avoided $32,000 in unnecessary costs.”

James Toye, Assistant PRM/Customer Service Representative

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