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The following provides a common understanding of who we are and what we believe in — for our employees and all who interact with us.


Safety is of the utmost importance to our business. At all times, we ensure our employees and clients are operating and/or enjoying Air Partners’ services in a safe environment. Understanding company safety procedures, reporting safety hazards, being proactive regarding potential safety hazards, and continually improving existing safety measures are essential components of maintaining and promoting safety.

Customer Service

We constantly strive for an exceptional client experience. Whether it’s making an extra effort to meet a deadline, accommodating a special client request, or simply going above and beyond, we ensure an exceptional experience is delivered every time.


Working together toward a common goal enables us to function efficiently as an organization. Effective communication, a positive attitude, respect for our peers and a solutions-focused approach to challenges make for great teamwork.

Making the Business Fly

In order to improve and grow the business, we rely on input, suggestions and solutions from everyone. Providing constructive feedback on current processes with suggestions for improvement; recommending potential new employees or clients; implementing cost-saving initiatives; and suggesting innovative approaches to problems are a few ways to make the business fly.

Be The Best

Our goal in anything we do is to reach excellence. Period.

Take Flight Group is comprised of Air Partners, AircraftWorks and Hangar59. We specialize in Private Aviation for business and personal travel.